Velvetcase Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Pendant for Women

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Diamonds, known for their brilliance, beauty and timelessness, have always managed to capture our interest and desires. But, to pick the perfect diamond jewellery (with the best deal!) you need to be well acquainted with the right diamond terminologies. Here's all you need to know to make the most fulfilling purchase, whether you are walking into a store or buying jewellery online.
- This pendant is made of 18KT yellow gold - BIS hallmarked - Adorned with real cubic zirconia - The product is 9.31 mm in length and 4.94 mm in width - This product comes with seller warranty - This jewellery piece belongs to the Work Wear collection Ideal for work - The chain is not included with the pendant - BIS hallmark is NOT a separate certificate, it is an inscription made on the product - Please note these are light weight pieces, meant for daily use. Refer to size image for reference. - These are small daily wear pieces. Please refer to size image/ Dimensions for reference
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